Available accommodation in Melbourne!

You have obtained your Visa, you’re enrolled in your course, so what now? Finding the right accommodation! But where to start? There are so many option around the Melbourne CBD and plenty of suburbs just outside the CBD with houses and apartments ready to be rented.  With so many options available what is best for international students.
Firstly there is college accommodation, these are accommodations that are provided by universities and colleges as an option for both local and international students who need a place close to their studies and the CBD. Prices are cheaper than other accommodation options however can vary from one place to another, this can depend on what the room offers and the location. For example if the room has a fully functioning kitchen it will be more expensive than if the room is just a bedroom and study with a shared kitchen. These are great options for students studying because it is a cheap alternative, close to their studies and there is a great social interaction aspect. However these spots fill up quite quickly and rooms are limited.  
If you want a larger accommodations with the normal creature comforts renting a property may be the best option for you. International students can rent anything from a small apartment in the CBD to large houses in the suburbs. Prices do vary and it's best to weigh up your options and see if you are able to afford the payments needed. Location and the size of the accommodation play a massive part on how expensive the accommodation will be.


The best suburbs in Melbourne to find housing accommodation can be just outside the CBD, these include areas such as …

·         Brunswick: Close to the CBD however can be pricey due to its location at around $380 per week, but great vibrant culture and surrounded by public transport

·         Braybrook: Rent averages around $320 week and is close to the CBD and great for public transport and various shops around the area

·         St.Albans: Cheap rent for around $280 average per week, great community and you can walk to absolutely everywhere!

·         Sunshine West: Very close to the City of Melbourne, great homes and close to shops and public transport.

For units/apartments the best suburbs to look into are …

·         Albion: Cheap and affordable rent, very close to the CBD and a very quiet suburb.

·         West Footscray: Only 7kms away from the CBD and rent is an average of $270 per week.

·         Gardenvale: 10kms south-east of the city with rent averaging around $270 per week, very close to shopping and public transport.

There are plenty of options in Melbourne to find the perfect accommodation for you! It’s always best however to work out your budget and see if you are able to afford to accommodation here in Melbourne!

If you have any questions about this, or about any aspect of studying in Australia, please don’t hesitate to ask! Feel free to ask questions below in the comment section, or email us directly at hello@spiible.com. We are here to help!

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