Breaking the Language Barrier

Are you thinking about studying in Australia, but worried about the challenges of being in an English-speaking country? It may sound scary; you need to take part in class discussions, or write long essays, all in English. However, breaking the language barrier while studying is much easier than you would expect! Besides, what better way to improve your English skills than to be fully immersed in the language itself?

When it comes to improving your English skill, there are many ways Australian educational institutions are able to help. Here is just a few main examples.


Student Services

Almost all schools and universities around Australia have some sort of learning or writing centre available to students. Students are able to either book an appointment, or simply drop in to the centre and have a one-on-one session to going over any piece of writing or assignment they bring in. Whether it is to check your use of English grammar in an essay, or to help you with referencing to the university’s standards, student services centres are there to help you improve your English writing and receive the best grades possible.


Asking your teacher or tutor

In many Australian educational institutions, students have very casual, informal relationships with their teachers (also known as tutors). You call them by their first names (that’s right, no more “professor”), they get to know each student, and you learn a few things about them too. Therefore, going up to your teacher at the end of class, and asking them to explain something is not scary at all! They will not mind clarifying for you, in fact, they might love it! It shows your teacher that you interested in their class and committed to doing your best.


Talk to us!

They say the best way to learn a language is by speaking it, so that’s what you have to do! Australians are fascinated by other cultures. The moment we notice you have an accent, we will want to get to know you, so that’s when you have to talk! Speak up, tell us about yourself, and tell us why you chose Australia! Practice your English skills while you meet new people. The more you do this, the more confident you’ll become with understanding the language.


When you immerse yourself in the English language, you will be surprised at how quickly you improve. Doing so in a school setting, with many different ways to reach out for help, you will have bridged the language barrier in no time!


If you have any questions about this, or about any aspect of studying in Australia, please don’t hesitate to ask! Feel free to ask questions below in the comment section, or email us directly a We are here to help!

Words by Carla Brugliera

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