Brisbane: For a Perfectly Balanced Lifestyle

Words by Edwina Seselja

Australia has a lot of pretty amazing cities, each with their own personality, features, and hidden gems. So we understand why international students hoping to come to Australia can feel a bit overwhelmed when it comes to choosing where to start their new lives. To help, we at Spiible have created, lets call them city profiles, for each of the major cities, to help you choose which city is for you. We hope this makes the decision a little bit easier!

Sydney (Coming soon)

The Gold Coast​ 
Hobart​ (Coming soon)


They say these are the best years of your life, when you are young, independent, and have the drive to travel. If you want to spend this time trying new things and seeing the world, studying overseas is a great way to do this, and Brisbane, Australia is the perfect place to live!

There is something to be said about life in Brisbane. Often the laid back atmosphere makes it easy to forget you’re in one of the world’s upcoming cities. You won’t have to rug up like Melbourne or lose yourself in the crowds of Sydney.

Life in the sunshine state is ideal for students. It’s affordable, easy to get around and as an upcoming city there are plenty of new things to discover.

While it can rain, Brisbane enjoys pretty lovely weather throughout the year. So when you’ve finished up in your lecture or tutorial you can lie out on the campus grass and thaw out your brain.



Brisbane really promotes a healthy lifestyle. It can’t be helped. Warm weather will see you rarely miss out on your daily dose of vitamin D and with most places smoking-free there is an abundance of fresh air for what is a busy city.

Cycling is popular with city cycles available in most places for you to hire.  However, if you are thinking about getting on a bike be warned Brisbane is known for its leafy suburbs and hilly streets (keyword: hilly).

The food scene in Brisbane is little heard of but very much alive and well.  There is a huge emphasis on local produce; meaning fun, fresh food is everywhere.


Student life is more than just study

When you are not doing assignments or simply avoiding them, Brisbane has plenty on offer to help you procrastinate.

Brisbane’s music and arts scene is growing with live music, markets as well as funky cafes popping up like a pox in a cultural plague.

Once you get to know your suburb it is easy to stay within its familiarity. Make the effort to explore new places. Whether it’s heading to West End Night Markets or taking a day trip to Maleny hinterlands, there are always heaps of things happening around, but you have to be out there to experience them.

The city is flanked by coastal destinations so when you do have a spare day or weekend free it is only an hour to the beach.  This will keep you busy during the days. In the evenings Brisbane comes alive with funky bars and clubs just waiting to be discovered. West End and Fortitude Valley are definitely the place to be if you are looking for a great night out.

No matter where you end up studying, to ensure you get the most out of your ‘best years’, never forget to:

1. Study what you are passionate about,

2. Challenge yourself and be sure to make plenty of mistakes,

3. Explore new places, try new things and;

4. Build lifelong relationships.

You want to look back on your student years with fond memories, pride and something to tell your children. Studying can be hard but where you live can make all the difference. If you can make your lifestyle easy and enjoyable, why wouldn’t you?

Hope to see you in Brisbane!

If you have any questions about this, or about any aspect of studying in Australia, please don’t hesitate to ask! Feel free to ask questions below in the comment section, or email us directly at We are here to help!

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