student fair discount

Spiible Student Fair

Spiible is hosting a big Student fair on 19/09/2017.  There is many colleges offering courses up to $6,000 OFF.  If you are in Australia and want to renew your couse this is a good oprtunity. The...

bachelor 15% off

The Ultimate Australian Food Guide: What you should try while you are here

What should I have for lunch? How about something Australian? Today, we talk about iconic Australian foods and what you should try while you are studying here in Australia!

Weather talk: Choosing and Preparing for your study destination

Spiible talks about the Australian climate and important things that every international student, including you, should know while they are preparing for their trip! Should you pack t-shirts,...

How you can use social media (for more than just finding cat videos…)

I’m sure you all use social networks in some capacity. Learn how you can use social media as a part of your study abroad experience!

Breaking the Language Barrier

Breaking the Language Barrier

Are you thinking about studying in Australia, but worried about the challenges of being in an English-speaking country?

bachelor 15% off
7 reasons to study in Australia

7 Reasons to Study in Australia

Choosing which country to study abroad in is a big decision, especially when you have a whole world of options available to you (literally)!

Understanding Australian Slang

Speaking Australian is nothing like what you can learn out of a textbook. This article will have some of the most common slang terms that you will encounter and save you from some confusion! 
How to Spend this Summer in Melbourne!

How to Spend this Summer in Melbourne!

Australia is known for it’s amazing summer, extreme heat and perfect weather. Luckily over the long summer holidays, Melbourne also has many options to keep you entertained.

Mastering the Aussie accent before you arrive

Mastering the Aussie accent before you arrive

The Australian accent is unlike any other in the world. While you may be able to understand English reasonably well, you might be a little shocked when you arrive by the unusual way we talk.

Arrived in Australia? Now what?

Once you arrive in Australia, everything will be so new and exciting. However, within first two weeks in Australia, it is essential to spend some time taking care of the more formal and important...
So, do Australians actually go to class...?

So, do Australians actually go to class...?

While studying abroad in the United States last year, one question people asked me much more than I expected was “Is it true that Australian students don’t go to classes?”.

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