Sexual Health in Australia

Sexual Health in Australia

As sexuality in Australia is a topic addressed seldomly, today we will talk about sexual health in Australia. In this article, questions like ‘do i need prescription to buy birth control pills?’ ‘What about the ring?’ ‘What if I have to go to the gynecologist?’ and ‘Is it easy to buy the morning after pill?’ will be answered.

How birth control options generally work

Hormonal contraceptives (the pill, the patch, and the vaginal ring) all contain a small amount of man-made estrogen and progestin hormones. These hormones work to inhibit the body's natural cyclical hormones to prevent pregnancy. Pregnancy is prevented by a combination of factors.

Contraceptive methods

  1. Condoms - these can be purchased at any supermarket or pharmacy - easy!

  2. Birth control pills / Contraceptive Pills

  • In Australia it is necessary to first go to general practitioner in order to obtain a prescription to be able to purchase birth control pills

  1. Vaginal ring

  • ​In Australia it is necessary to first go to general practitioner in order to obtain a prescription to be able to purchase vaginal ring

  • How does vaginal ring work?

 4. It is somewhat expensive

  • birth control pills or rings usually costs between $15–$50 a month, depending on the type
  • Generally, a medical consultation with a General Practitioner (GP) can cost from $37.05 to $80.00 (OSHC generally covers $37.05 of the cost)

Ps: If you are an International Student you should have your OSHC (Health Insurance) and generally a “Standard Consultation” is a 10 minute consultation with a doctor, or Item 23 in the MBS (Medicare Benefits Schedule), lists the fee as $37.05 (subject to change) and the benefit payable by OSHC is generally 100% of the MBS fee. This means you can claim $37.05. Any amount over $37.05 that the doctor charges you will be a cost that you have to pay and which you can’t claim for.

  1. Are there cheaper options?

  • You could bring some prescribed pills from your country of origin
  • Declaration at the airport is necessary

  • Bring the prescription and a letter from your doctor outlining what you are taking and how much you are bringing into the country

  • Don’t bring more than 3 month’s supply

  • ‘Check what medicines need to be declared at the border at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website

6. Gynecologist Consultation tip for the Sydney Gang

  • intimate problem-Sexual Hospital of Sydney - it’s free! =D

  • run all the test for you and get results in one week

  • and you get free condoms =D

Sexually transmissible infections (STI)

Not to try to scare you, but it’s always good to know about sexually transmissible infections.

What is it?

STI is an infection that can be transmissible through sexual contact or exchange of body fluids like semem, vaginal fluids, saliva or blood. It is caused by bacteria, viruses or parasites like other infections.

STI are common among sexually active people between age 15 and 29. It can be treated, so don’t be embarrassed to seek for help if you find yourself have it. Deal with it as soon as possible. To prevent this from happening, remember to practice safe sex. Take regular STI test if you are have active sexual life.

‘Common signs and symptoms of an STI include:            

  • Unusual discharge from the penis, vagina or anus

  • Itchiness around the genital area

  • A burning feeling when urinating

  • A rash, sores or small lumps on or around the penis, vagina or anus

  • Unusual bleeding from the vagina (after sex or between periods)

  • Pain and swelling in the testicles

  • Pain during sex

  • Sore throat

  • Swollen glands, fever and body aches

  • Tiredness, night sweats and weight loss’

Places you can get STI test



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