Sweet Pumpkin!

Pumpkin! No, no, no it doesn’t suit her very well, here we go:

Sweet Pumpkin :)

Leticia is 22 years old and  who is in her second exchange program. She has done a 6 months’ exchange program to study English in England where she celebrated her 18th birthday.

What a great time! She is a World Citizen that loves the fear of the unknown, meeting new people and getting to know incredible new places. She described herself as the girl who always loved sleeping at friend’s house, the one that never cries missing her parents (however not in these days) who is full of dreams and with an incredible ambition of making them come true!

She is just a sweet heart and she joined us to share her story with. Check it out:

Spiible: Why Australia? 

Leticia: I think Australia chose me first. At the beginning the plan was to go to the United States with a friend but we quit that idea because we would not be able to find work. We figured out we had four options, either Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia and started by eliminating the countries that we had less interest. So New Zealand was too cold for me, Canada didn't excite us as much, as for Ireland, I had been to Great Britain and I am 'in love' with their cultures but it is so expensive and we hear finding work is getting hard. We wanted to avoid countries with high levels of Brazillians so we could improve our English so we started researching more about  Australia and didn’t stop getting more and more excited about it!

Spiible: How did you get to know Spiible?

Leticia: I came to Spiible HQ with a friend who had some questions, which ended up with Camila and Mauricio helping the two of us plus two other friends as well. The next step was a follow up guiding me through the difference courses so I could pick the one would suit me better for my personal development, the reason I am in Australia.

I was so welcomed at Spiible that I just felt so comfortable there, more than at any other agency.
Camila always found the time in her day to help me with any questions I had. She was so professional and assisted me with tips where to look for job, accommodation and nice places to see and experience and where to void as well.

Spiible: What is your next step now that you are in Australia?

Leticia: Now I am renewing my visa with Spiible for one year to start the FCE/ CAE Cambridge English Course at Lonsdale Institute in Melbourne. Now that I am improving my English and feel I am ready to begin applying for jobs in different areas.

Spiible: What is your tip for who wants to come to Australia and haven't made up their mind yet?

Leticia: First you need to research as much as you can. Begin by researching into Australia, if you like what it says, start looking at the cities, which one is better fit to you, then which schools and courses are offered and also what is there to do for fun. As you will be living here, you will need to find ways and fun experiences to fulfill yourself. This way you will forget the fear of going to the other side of the world, stay full of energy to beat every challenge you might find on the way. Don’t forget that being away from home means that you need to cook, do laundry and clean the house more, when you look back you will recognize how great this experience is for you to grow, visit new places and learn about a new culture.  

Leticia's youtube Channel:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1XrU0V781c 

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Thank you for this amazing sharing time! We can't wait to see your new youtube videos! You rock, girl! 

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