Top 10: Summer escapades

The weekend is here and you don’t have any plan yet? Don’t worry, don’t panic, and just read the suggestions that Spiible has for you.

Summer is almost gone, which means you should enjoy as much as you can before the winter hits the city. But where should you go? We had organized an amazing top.

 10 Aussie Escapades where you can go for either enjoy the sun or escape from the head – because when it’s hot in Melbourne, it’s damn hot.


10. Everybody loves ice cream, right? 

What an amazing way to start the day than eating a refreshing and creamy ice cream in these hot temperatures. You can also go by bicycle and enjoy the beautiful streets of Melbourne, stop for your ice cream and sit in one of the hundreds of parks in the city.

 If you are around the city and you do not have anyone to share an ice cream with… come to Spiible offices! We love ice cream!

Our recommendation: Pidapipo Gelateria (Windsor), Gelato Messina (Fitzroy) and Gelateria Primavera (CBD).


9. Do you like exercising? How about a jog in St Kilda beach?

It’s one of my favorites things in my routine (Spiible marketing team member), so I do not blame you if you do not want to start the weekend burning some calories. However, what about take a public transport and have a picnic in Catani Gardens with a friend or your partner. That’s sounds good!


8. Academy awards season

Rooftop Cinema is presenting two high rated movies, The Post and Molly’s Game (nominated for best actress in the Critics’ Choice). What are you waiting for? choose your best clothes, put on that perfume that you love and invite the person you have always had a crush on. Next weekend will be Call Me by Your Name (Academy Awards Nominee).



Again! One of my personal favorites. It is an alternative for exercising, but this one is fun where you look at it, it's a gym where there are no weight machines, only balls, mats, and trampolines. At Spiible, we are planning to go there and we will share our experience with you. If you want more information you can visit the official web page and find the closest to you.


6. Go ice skating! The Olympic Winter Games Rocks!

Have you never skated before? No problem! You can book beginners lesson to begin to understand why Australians love the Olympic Winter Games. At the beginning, you can experience some funny falls but after a while, you will feel like a pro and you will not want to leave the ice rink. Also, this option is the perfect choice for this 34 °C days.


5. Black Panther in the world’s largest screen!

MAX Melbourne’s screen is the world’s largest and spans a massive 32 meters wide x 23 meters high. Can you image watching the new Black Panther in this? Where is my popcorn? I have already bought a ticket! It is located at the Melbourne Museum in Carlton. For more information, you can visit the official website and reserve your tickets.


4. Let’s have a beer mate

Melbourne is full of pubs and nightclubs. But in summer the best option is a beer in front of the Yarra river. Let us recommend the Arbory afloat, it’s a pub with a nautical-themed floating pontoon. What about having a gossip chat with your best girlfriend while you are having a refreshing cider or a nice sports talk with your best mate. Sounds good, right?

If you are around the city and love the crazy art ideas we recommend you also visit Supafish. Also, I love Pony Fish Island in the middle of the Yarra river in South Bank.


3. The obvious one: The Great Ocean Road

The amazing landscapes of Melbourne in just one place, from the surfer paradise Torquay to the magnificent Twelves Great Apostles you will find literally beautiful beaches every ten minutes. You can separate a tour or just rent a car, the experience will be great.

Are you more into the adventure? Perfect! What about camping? We are just going to say this… sleeping under the beautiful starry sky… please keep a spot in your car for me! 


2. Chinese New Year Festival Melbourne

Let’s discover a whole new world and culture with the Chinese New Year Festival. Spiible knows that is the year of the dog in the Chinese astrology and we want to celebrate with them, eating delicious food, learning about their tradition and making new friends. The festival is completely free.


1.  St Kilda Latin Festival

The Latin party is the best and you can go and check for yourself. Do you want to practice some Cumbia, Batucada, Samba or Capoeira? … this is the right place. Some of the activities you will find are: Latin exhibition, Opening Latin Party and the festival in St Kilda. So, come with us, and enjoy a weekend full of delicious food, happy people and nice music. Spiible kindly invite you to come.

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